Draculas Theatre Restaurant

Submerge your senses and dive in for an evening of sensuous burlesque, slick jazz and sizzling comedy, that’ll have you gasping for air! Bloodbath, the latest vaudevillian spectacle to splash onto Dracula’s stage, presents a fast-paced evening of shock-rock, vampire variety. It’s an insane bouillabaisse of aerial acrobatics, suicide circus, mind-warping optical illusions and gender-bending, tummy clutching comedy. The night starts with a seductive live jazz set, while patrons dine on a three course dinner, punctuated by the insane antics of their eccentric waiters. Their current shows have tapped into the international tourist vein by offering a multimedia mind spin that blurs the division between spectator and performer. The Dracula’s experience includes a Ghost Train ride from the Graveyard Cocktail Bar, a ‘Shop of Horrors’, photo lab, rooftop smokers deck, and their eccentric bohemian dinner theatre. Advanced bookings are essential.


Book by Calling: 1800 DRACULAS

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