Emergency Numbers

Contact: Dial 000 FREE CALL Website: www.melbourne.vic.gov.au

The Municipal Emergency Management Information Team (MEMIT) is a working party led by the City of Melbourne of key emergency services agencies who aim to ensure all residents, businesses, visitors and special needs groups are aware of and prepared to deal with any emergency.

The team comprises the City of Melbourne, Victoria Police; Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board; State Emergency Service; Department of Human Services; and Red Cross.

The team meets regularly to form a unified approach to emergency management preparedness within the City of Melbourne.

City of Melbourne conducted extensive market research to ascertain the community?s views on emergency management in the city of Melbourne. The findings point to a clear recognition that the emergency management climate has changed and this has implications for individuals and business. People (individuals and businesses) indicated they were prepared to take the next step from simply being aware to taking action that will help them minimise the impact of an emergency. They indicated the best help would come from Council to assist them by providing information that is simple, relevant and easy to access. To engage the community and achieve this behaviour change Council is required to develop a long-term strategy of partnerships with the emergency agencies. This has lead to the formation of the MEMIT (Municipal Emergency Management Information Team).

Police, Fire and Ambulance. Dial 000. This is a free call.

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