Greek Precinct Lonsdale Street


Athens might be a world away, but Grecian delights await discovery in Melbourne’s Greek Precinct, which adds a splash of the Mediterranean to parts of Lonsdale and Russell Streets in Melbourne city.

In our Restaurants, cafés and shops,  you’ll find a tempting array of delicious cuisine, from a simple snack to Greece’s amazing traditional meals,  coffee and cakes in wonderful surrounds and al fresco dining underneath Melbourne’s stars.You’ll find  everything from bars, magazines, books, music, jewelry, christening, leather wear, hairdressers and mobile repairs, shoe shops plus many travel agents, professional services and institutes.

Entertainment & Dining
Grecian-DelightsWith an array of restaurants and cafés to choose from, you can take a stroll down Lonsdale Street and take your pick.

We cater for romantic dinners for two, family get-togethers, functions, drinks, catching up over coffee, eating on the run, takeaway and tempting your sweet tooth on our exquisite range of Greek pastries and cakes. We have something for even the most discerning of diners and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.
A feature within Melbourne’s calendar of events is the annual Antipodes Festival held in March. The festival is a month long celebration of Greek culture with dancing, food and entertainment. Its highlight is the two day Lonsdale Street “Glendi” which attracts more than 150,000 visitors.

Shopping & Services

Greek DiningWith its giftware, books qnd music stores, shoe shops, leather wear, mobile phone shops, travel agencies and institutes, Lonsdale and Russell streets always have something to offer.
The GP is located in the heart of the city, close to all hotels, cinemas, theatres, shopping centres and is accessible by public transport. On-street parking is available and public parking is on Lonsdale Street.