High Street Armadale


Nestled in the Heart of Armadale, just 7 Kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD, High Street Armadale is arguably Australia’s most elegant and fashionable shopping strip. Over 285 specialty stores offering exquisite Jewellery, fine giftware, antiques, art galleries, collectables, precious rugs and an impressive stable of Australia fashion designers including luminaries such as Ginger and Smart, Scanlan Theordore and Megan Park. Walking down High Street, shoppers will also be mesmerized by our illustrious Bridal Couturiers who create high drama, theatre and art through their visual displays of intricate creations.

1L881ef346-49c9-452c-9db6-43c4d45ffd9cFood, glorious fine food. Australia is fast becoming a renowned epicurean destination. Our produce is fresh, varied and second to none. In High Street you are spoilt for choice with fine dining ranging from classical Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Coffee culture in High Street Armadale is alive and well. Melbournians simply demand world class coffee. Our cafes not only offer great coffee but also exquisite lunch fare.

High Street is a perfect destination for a day or two out, iconic, unique, rich in Victorian architecture, High Street showcases a multitude of high end businesses in relaxed, safe and stylish surroundings.The major stages of development in the High Street Precinct can be seen today in the architecture of the buildings, from the boom years of the 1880s through to the inter-War and post-War years. The importance placed by the early residents and traders in this commercial area is reflected in many of the ornate buildings erected prior to 1900. This trend continued into the Federation era with many buildings featuring elaborate details. In some cases earlier buildings have been replaced, but much of High Street remains substantially intact.

High-Street-ArmadaleFIRST SETTLEMENT: This area once formed part of the territory of the Wurundjeri people. The Aborigines were nomadic and, prior to European settlement, used the water from the spring on the site of the present Malvern Gardens.  From the first settlement in the 1850s, market gardens, nurseries and a few houses on large allotments lined the rough bush roads. Around this time, the Armadale Hotel in High Street started life as a four roomed ‘beer house’. 1880s: THE BOOM YEARS: Prior to the introduction of public transport, commercial development was slow. However this rural atmosphere changed in 1879, when the first trains ran through Armadale. This new method of transport to the previously isolated district stimulated land subdivision and the development of both commercial and residential areas. Land values rose and High Street developed into a thriving shopping center.

From around 1890, High Street was lined with a variety of traders and storekeepers, including boot makers, blacksmiHighst 148ths, wheelwrights, tailors, dressmakers, milliners, upholsterers, ironmongers, saddlers, tobacconists, butchers, grocers, produce merchants, greengrocers and fuel merchants. A bank had been established on the corner of Kooyong Road, not far from Emma Baker’s Mission Hall in High Street.


Today High Street continues the tradition of serving local communities and visitors with its sophistication and elegance. Renowned as one of Melbourne’s distinctive business precincts, it boasts a huge range of designer clothing and homeware stores, bridal boutiques, cafes and restaurants – together with the largest number of galleries and antique shops concentrated in any one place anywhere in Australia.

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