Hook Turns in the City

To accommodate trams and lots of through traffic in the city we have a somewhat unique method for accomplishing a right hand turn at selected intersections. At these intersections, you turn right from the left hand lane, leaving the right hand lane free for through traffic and the tram tracks clear for trams. Some people hate them, other people love them. The trickiest part of the hook turn is getting everyone to cooperate Hook turn signs are found at some intersections in Melbourne’s City Centre. These signs are found either at the side of the road or hung from tram wires above the intersection. Make sure you check for these signs when driving in Melbourne’s city centre. If you approach an intersection with this sign and you want to make a right hand turn makesure you follow these instructions:

1. A hook turn involves turning right from the left lane. When you enter the intersection stay as far left as possible avoiding any marked pedestrian crossings. Make sure you are indicating right.

2. Once in the intersection, opposite the street you are entering, wait here until the lights of the street you are entering have turned green. Once clear proceed with your right hand turn.