The National Opal Collection

The National Opal Collection is the leading supplier of Australian opals including beautiful black opals, white opals and boulder opals as well as exquisite opal jewellery.

Located in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne and showcased in two stunning showrooms, The National Opal Collection is a treasure trove of beautiful Australian opals. Whether it be a romantic gift, a treasured heirloom, an investment stone, a fashion statement or a souvenir of the trip of a lifetime, the National Opal Collection will have just the piece for you.

The National Opal Collection is able to provide Australian opals direct from the opal mines to you. We are involved in opal mining, opal cutting, jewellery design and manufacture. Not only will you be buying with confidence at competitive prices, you can also enjoy our incredible opal museum displays. Here you will discover the link between opals and the dinosaur. See opalized fossils of prehistoric animals and plants displayed amongst three dimensional dioramas of pre-historic Australia.

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